Why Github Has Become Most Effective Resume for Software Developers?

Do you have a Github account? If not you should create one immediately. Almost all popular open source tech projects are available in Github for anybody to fork and start using. You can even contribute to open source projects in technologies you think yourself an expert on.

A working meaningful project in Github can really impress the recruiters over a dull resume listing the technologies you know about. Let me explain why this is so.

Technologies you know are actually ingredients that if used with a good recipe can produce a meaningful end product. Ingredients does not guarantee that you can come up with a great recipe.

Would you hire a cook who can tell you every detail about the ingredients used in cooking without tasting the actual food? Certainly you won’t. Even knowing a recipe does not ensure every cook will produce the same delicious food. So, you would probably only hire a cook after tasting a recipe prepared by that cook.

This analogy can be extended to programming world as well. We use programming languages and frameworks everyday to create softwares. Knowledge of design patterns and best practices guide us as recipes to produce effective results.

However, a working piece of software that solves even a small real world problem works as a testimony of our capabilities. It really impresses people about your depth of knowledge and creates a level of confidence that no resume can build.

So please focus on creating a portfolio of projects in Github. Github is your new resume!

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