Why Programming to Change?

I started ‘Programming to Change’ to inspire software enthusiasts make our world a better place by the power of programming.

This website is my platform to share my experiences as a professional software developer for more than twelve years. I made lots of mistakes in my career and learnt the best practices and techniques the hard way. I want to share those experiences and insights with you so that you don’t make the same mistakes. My goal is to inspire you to love programming and use it for the betterment of the world.

Who am I?



Hi there! I am Arani Chatterjee. I am a designer and artist who uses programming to create beautifully designed softwares.

I am working as a programmer since 2005 after getting my engineering degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. I am currently working with a leading multinational IT consulting company. My niche is full stack Java development. Apart from my full time job, I am actively involved in my personal side projects that interest me. I have recently started exploring Scala and Kotlin as these JVM based languages are gaining popularity for functional programming.

I also use Python to automate my daily tasks and to explore data science related modules.

How Programming to Change is different from other similar websites?

You may ask why another programming blog? I aspire to make this blog different by teaching complex concepts in the easiest way possible. At the same time I want to make learning fun. I am sure you would like the articles here. I am always open to feedback so that I can serve the programming community in a better way.

Please feel free to contact me at admin@programmingtochange.com


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