6 Reasons I am Starting this Blog

No, this is not for some quick bucks. Surprised? Let me explain. I am currently having a full time job in a reputed MNC with very good role. So, I am actually satisfied in my job and not thinking of quitting the job in the short term. The job is very demanding, so this is really hard to extract time to pursue a side project. So, even if I planned to start a blog much earlier I could not. Or I did not? May be this was a choice I made myself. After all, every one of us got equal time each day, that is 24 hours and this is the biggest democracy in the world where there is no inequality. Following are the reasons why I am starting this blog:
  1. Making an impact: All of use have got only one life. So, why not make some impact so that you can leave behind some legacy when you die. We think that we are not capable enough or we don’t know enough to make any impact. This is not correct. You can always make an impact however small to the life of someone else. You will always find someone who can benefit from your experiences, who are in less advantageous position in terms of experience, capability, emotional maturity, technical skill or wealth.
  2. Creating my personal brand: Personal brand is very important for anyone to be successful. Personal brand dictates our expertise, our passion, our mission, our values and our authority. Our brand can help us land in a dream job or a relevant project. Blogs can help us to create a strong personal brand by helping us expressing our expertise in a certain area. Your brand will promote you. This is a platform where you can market yourself. This reason alone should be enough to start your blog today.
  3. Sharing my experience to help the community: We are living in an age where physical location does not matter any more. We can connect to any body sitting in any corner of the world anytime. So, it has become very easy to connect to an audience with similar mindset, similar problems, similar struggles and facing the same challenges. It has become easier to help others facing the same problem I have faced and also getting help from others. Blogging is a platform where one can share their journeys with others. This is a platform for sharing knowledge and the good thing is that nobody needs to pay a penny to have access to this vast ocean of quality resources. I have been benefitted from so many blogs throughout my career. I have been inspired when I was depressed, I have got technical help when I needed it and so on. So, I want to use this website to share my experiences, my journeys, problems faced and I how I overcame them, how I get motivated and what you should do to stay relevant in today’s world and beyond.
  4. Maintaining my Learning Momentun: To make a blog successful you have to create quality content consistently. Only way to do this is to read a lot and learn a lot. As there will be commitment to create quality contents revant in todays world, I will be motiviated to learn more so that I can share the same in this blog. To teach someone we have to learn the subject first properly. So, this is like one goal is fuelling another goal effectively.
  5. Advertising my products: If my blog gets enough traffic then I will be able to advertise my Apps, Softwares or books in the blog. That will help me increase the sell and generate a passive income stream.
  6. Path to Financial Freedom: Though this is not very easy, it you generate good content consistently then traffic to your blog will increase. This may help to generate a secondary income stream for you though very small. If it becomes very popular then it might even help you to replace your full-time job and concentrate more on your personal dream projects. You will always get paid more with much less effort and a greater freedom if you work for yourself.
There are other reasons to start a blog, but these are my primary motivations. I am a software professional. So, contents and articles of this blog will be software development related topics explained in a lucid way, life hacks for software professionals that has helped me (mainly through automation of daily activities), book reviews, software tool reviews, book reviews, notable electronic gazette review etc. I hope to help you in some way or other. So keep reading and keep learning.

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